Instrument Rating Posted by Genesis Flight Centre April 27th, 2017


Genesis offers more options and the best value in the region for you to complete an instrument rating.

More options: Complete your instrument rating where and when it is most convenient for you. Choose from our two locations for the simulator or flight component. Continue where you left off in a traditional 172 or upgrade to glass in our Diamond DA20 and DA40’s in Collingwood. Online or classroom ground school available to ensure success. Redbird IFR Renewal Special rate $649 + HST.

Maximum Value: Expect to use the maximum allowable simulator time to ensure costs are minimized. Stay local for your sim training with a Full Motion Redbird FMX, and an immersive ELITE G1000 in Collingwood. See Flight Simulators to learn more.

Train with Glass: Step up to glass if you are moving into a career as a pilot or plan on purchasing a new aircraft. Genesis offers some of the most advanced glass trainers available. Our brand new and fully loaded DA20 is by far the best value glass-equipped trainer in the market at only $159 /hr wet. Choose the DA40 if your goal is to become proficient with the G1000 flight deck and the workflow most common in today’s biz jets.

Custom Solutions: Please contact us for a personalized quote.


An instrument rating is issued for aircraft in one of the following groups:
A) Group 1 for all aeroplanes where the flight test was conducted in a multi- engine aeroplane
B) Group 2 for multi-engine centre line thrust and single engine aeroplanes where the flight test was conducted in a multi-engine centre line thrust aeroplane
C) Group 3 for single engine aeroplanes where the flight test was conducted in a single engine aeroplane


Instrument Rating in Toronto, ON

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