Airline Cadet Program


This program is designed for people with little or no flight experience due to the structured nature of the program.

The Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATP(A) Integrated Course (hereafter the “iATPL Course”) is approved by Transport Canada and approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Graduates receive an Airline Pilot Diploma.


A cadet program is an iATPL course with the added benefit of an interview with the airline prior to completing the course. This type of pilot training program is offered by a flight training college in partnership with an airline.

Before being accepted into the program, the candidate must complete extensive testing and a job interview directly with the airline. If successful, the candidate will receive a conditional offer of employment from the airline to be hired as a first officer upon graduation.


Flair Cadet Program
The Flair Cadet Program is an innovative career path offered by Flair Airlines. The program offers the fastest path to a First Officer position in Canada.

The program begins with a series of tests and a job interview with the airline.  If successful with the job interview, you will receive a conditional offer of employment from Flair Airlines.  All other aspects and qualifying criteria of the iATPL Course are the same.

The program provides a conditional letter of employment from Flair Airlines upon selection into the program.

Genesis does not guarantee employment for any student who successfully completes the iATPL course offered by Genesis.

Employment Details

To be hired by Flair, you will be required to successfully complete the iATPL Course and the associated licensing qualification requirements set out by Transport Canada, complete a Pilot Proficiency Check on Flair’s aircraft, and have 250 hours of total flight time. The final review will include interview results, a simulator assessment, a successful criminal background check, a medical assessment, Transport Canada exam results, flight test results, and an overall assessment consistent with Flair’s hiring standards.

As a condition of employment, you will be required to obtain and maintain:

  • A valid Canadian passport or Permanent Resident (PR) Card and Crew Visa for travel to the United States;
  • A valid Transport Canada Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) once you have commenced work for Flair Airlines;
  • A Category 1 medical certificate;
  • A Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A);
  • An ATPL or a Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence.

If you are unsuccessful in meeting any of the above conditions, it will be deemed a failure to satisfy the terms and conditions of employment, and this conditional offer will be withdrawn and of no further effect.  In addition, as a condition of employment, your conditional offer will be based on Flair’s assessment at its sole discretion of the following conditions:

  • Compliance with any applicable collective bargaining agreement that Flair is a party to;
  • Availability of a ground school date; and
  • The business strategy and circumstances of Flair.

Position and Remuneration

If all of the above-listed conditions are met, you will be offered the position of First Officer in Flair’s Flight Operations Department.

Remuneration for this position will be dictated by the applicable collective agreement that Flair is a party to. As of November 2023, the remuneration for a first-year First Officer is set at $73,468.46.


  1. iATPL Online Application
    The application process involves taking a short aptitude test, a personality profile test designed for people planning on taking flight training, and a short essay. A $200 application fee is charged to cover the cost of the testing by COMPASS International. The testing is designed to help identify applicants that will be successful in the program. You can apply and submit your initial information (no fee required) by clicking on this link. Students will proceed through the normal selection process for the iATPL program.
  2. Interview with the Airline
    Candidates who are successful with the iATPL application process will be invited to conduct a personal interview with the airline. Successful candidates will be presented with a conditional offer of employment with the airline.
  3. Basic Flight Training
    Students complete the first three stages of the iATPL program and earn a Private Pilot Licence.
  4. Continued Selection Process
    Students that complete the first three stages of the iATPL program (Private Pilot Licence) will undergo additional testing by the airline. Candidates must undergo scientifically designed assessments to determine suitability for continuation in the cadet program. Students who do not progress further in the cadet program will continue on the normal iATPL track.
  5. Advanced Flight Training
    Students will complete Stages 4 to 8 of the iATPL syllabus including CPL, multi-engine rating, Group 1 instrument rating, multi-crew training, and simulated type rating.
  6. Start Your Career
    Upon successfully completing the training program, and subject to certain conditions, graduates will join Flair as first officers on the 737 MAX. Successful candidates will complete the type rating course for the Boeing 737 at a partner training facility in Toronto or abroad.

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The Flair Cadet Program is a partnership between Genesis and Flair Airlines and is the first pilot cadet program of its kind in Canada.

  • Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (iATPL) training for 18 months in Ontario
  • Upon successful completion of the training program and subject to certain conditions, graduates of the Flair Cadet Program will join Flair as first officers.
  • Boeing 737 type rating at a partner facility for 2 months
  • This program is designed for people with little or no flight experience. Applicants without any previous flight experience are encouraged to apply.

Course Outline

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Foundation Flight Training
  • Learn everything about ATPL related theory
  • Classroom and computer-based training (CBT)
  • Learn how to fly solo in a single-engine piston aircraft
  • Aircraft and Flight Simulation Training Device training
  • Complete your Private Pilot Flight Test

Intermediate Flight Training

  • Complete your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Flight Test
  • Learn how to fly a Multi-engine aircraft and complete your Multi-Engine Rating Flight Test
  • Aircraft and Flight Simulation Training Device training

Advanced Flight Training

  • Learn how to fly using instruments on a multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Aircraft and simulator training
  • Complete your Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Test

Multi-Crew Coordination and Jet Transition Training

  • Learn how to fly as a member of a professional airline cockpit crew
  • Flight Simulation Training Device training

Boeing 737 Type Rating (after course graduation)

  • Learn how to fly a Boeing 737
  • Classroom and Flight Simulator Training on a full-flight simulator
  • Approximately 8 weeks
  • Obtain your 737 Type Rating


Do I need to have prior flight experience to apply for the program?
The program is designed for students with zero or minimal experience. You can still apply with a PPL. Keep in mind that you will be required to complete the syllabus in full, regardless of prior experience. Licence holders receive credit for 30 flight hours (approx. $9000 cost reduction). Student Pilot permit holders receive no credit.

We consider those who are working towards their CPL, have their CPL or higher to be overqualified for the Cadet Program. View program options here.

What are the prerequisites to apply to the Flair Cadet Program?
The pre-requisites for this program are as follows:

  • Citizenship: Legally entitled to work in Canada, and a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. In the latter case, the Trainee must be able to obtain and maintain crew visa documentation required to operate aircraft within the USA.
  • Minimum Education: High school diploma or equivalent. Post-secondary degree highly desired.
  • Minimum Age: 19 years old
  • Hold a current passport
  • Must be able to travel unrestricted to and from the United States
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC)
  • Clear background and criminal record checks
  • Physical & Medical Requirements: Must be able to obtain a Category 1 Medical Certificate issued by TC. Click here for more information.
  • Language Skills: Fluency in English, both written & spoken; a minimum of ICAO level 4 English Language proficiency.

How do I apply to the Flair Cadet Program? 

Start the process here. Tell us some basic information and our admissions staff will reach out for the next steps. Expect an essay assignment followed by a pre-admission aptitude test ($100 third party fee), brief telephone interview, reference letters, psychological test ($100 third party fee), and personal interview.

Once accepted into the program, a $5000 deposit is required to hold a slot in the ground school, due immediately upon final acceptance (contract).

International students are not accepted because Genesis cannot sponsor a student visa.

How do I get my Transport Canada Medical Certificates?

You can initiate your application before receiving your medical certificate. Your medical must be a Transport Canada category 1 medical. Click here for more information on where to obtain your medical.

What do I need to know about the assessments for the Flair Cadet Program?

Once your application documents are received and reviewed, eligible applicants will receive a link to complete an online assessment. This online assessment will evaluate your personality and aptitude. The next and final step for successful applicants will be two additional assessments and an interview with Flair Airlines directly.

How much does the Flair Cadet Program cost?

The iATPL course costs approximately CAD $145,000, including 200 hours of flight time in aircraft, taxes, books, uniform, and third-party fees. To complete the requirements of the Flair Cadet Program conditional offer of employment, you will need 250 hours total time in aircraft.  The additional 50 hours of time building to meet the employment requirements will cost approximately CAD $15,000.

In addition to the course price, you should budget housing costs in the Collingwood area at approximately $1,000-$1,100 per month with 3-5 roommates or $1,300-$1,400 per month with 1-2 roommates. You will also need to purchase a headset and iPad.

Is there financing available for the Flair Cadet Program? 

Financing solutions may be available to applicants. Instructions for how to apply can be provided to applicants upon request.

Is the program eligible for OSAP funding? 

Unfortunately, the program is not eligible for funding under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Can the program be paid in installments? 

Yes, the program is paid in installments of CAD $10,000 per month.

Accepted students will be provided with an enrollment agreement, which outlines the payment plan for the program.

How do the payments work?

$5000 payable at contract signing to hold the seat in the program. The student will sign a pre-authorized debit agreement to automatically withdraw each of the scheduled payments.

Scheduled payments are $10,000 at the beginning of every month from the start of the program until the total program cost is covered.

Where will the training take place?

The in-aircraft portion of the flight training course will be conducted in Collingwood, Ontario.

The simulator training for the 737 type rating will take place at a partner facility in Toronto or abroad. Flair will cover all costs for travel and accommodations for the type rating.

What aircraft will be used for training? 

Training is on a fleet of Diamond aircraft (DA20s, DA40s, and DA42s), as well as simulators.

What is the duration of the program?

The first 18 months will be spent training at Genesis in Collingwood. There you will complete your Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (iATPL) training.

Upon graduation and being hired by the airline, the following 2 months will be spent at a partner facility in Toronto or abroad. There you will complete a 737 type rating.

This training program is a full-time commitment. You will be expected to attend training an average of 5 days per week. Due to weather delays, you may be asked to attend 6 days per week as necessary.

How many flight hours will I have when I graduate from the iATPL program?

The iATPL program follows a Transport Canada approved Integrated Air Transport Pilot Licence (iATPL) training program. You will graduate from the program with more flight and flight simulation training hours than are required under the regulatory minimums. Typically students will graduate with approximately 200 hours of flight time in the aircraft and 80 hours of simulator time. 250 hours of aircraft flight time is required to progress to the type rating.

How often will classes be run?

Genesis expects to start three iATPL classes per year in September, January, and April.

Do I need to have prior flight experience to apply for the program?

The program is designed for students with zero or minimal experience. You can still apply with a PPL. Keep in mind that you will be required to complete the syllabus in full, regardless of prior experience.

We consider those who are working towards their CPL, have their CPL or higher to be overqualified.

What happens after graduation?

Students who are accepted for the Flair Cadet Program will receive a conditional letter of employment with Flair Airlines and progress directly into Flair as a First Officer on the 737 upon graduation. To progress to a First Officer position upon completion of the course you will need to meet the minimum grades, flight time, and pass the type rating.

What salary can I expect as a First Officer at Flair upon graduation?

The salary for cadet graduates starting their career with Flair is CAD $73,000, plus benefits, which can increase rapidly with experience. Information on Flair pilot salaries and benefits packages are listed on this website. Scroll down to the ‘benefits’ for full details.

I already have my licences and a few hundred hours. Can I apply?

This program is meant for individuals with no flying experience, or low time (PPL or below). Individuals who already meet the qualifications and experience required to become a pilot at Flair should apply through the traditional hiring process at:

At Genesis Flight College, our airline cadet program is available to students throughout Ontario, including Collingwood, Toronto, Barrie, Aurora, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Mississauga.


The Collingwood Regional Airport (CNY3) is located near the southern shores of Georgian Bay and in close proximity to Blue Mountain, the Niagara Escarpment, and Wasaga Beach. The region is the most popular major recreation area in Ontario.


A glass cockpit is an aircraft cockpit that features electronic (digital) instrument displays, typically large LCD screens, rather than the traditional style of analog dials and gauges. This simplifies aircraft operation and navigation and allows pilots to focus only on the most pertinent information.
Genesis features the most advanced aircraft in the region with the G1000 integrated flight management systems in our Diamond aircraft.


The primary flight display shows the basic flight instruments, such as the airspeed indicator, the altimeter, the heading indicator, and course deviation indicator. A small map called the “inset map” can be enabled in the corner. The buttons on the PFD are used to set the squawk code on the transponder. The PFD can also be used for entering and activating flight plans. The PFD also has a “reversionary mode” which is capable of displaying all information shown on the MFD (for example, engine gauges and navigational information). This capability is provided in case of an MFD failure.


The MFD usually shows engine instrumentation and a moving map.
The multi-function display typically shows a moving map on the right side, and engine instrumentation on the left. Most of the other screens in the G1000 system are accessed by turning the knob on the lower right corner of the unit. Screens available from the MFD other than the map include the setup menus, information about nearest airports and NAVAIDs, Mode S traffic reports, terrain awareness, XM radio, flight plan programming, and GPS RAIM prediction.