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Glass cockpit training better prepares you for your career with the airlines and puts ahead of the other candidates.

Today, some flight schools are equipped with “glass cockpit” training aircraft, while others are not.  At Genesis Flight College, we are proud to offer glass cockpit training to our students in Collingwood, Ontario because we believe that this method of flight training offers the student the best possible entry into the airlines.

For career oriented students the ultimate benefit of glass cockpit training is that it better prepares you to become a pilot for a major airline. Many airlines now prefer to hire pilots who have prior experience with Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS), and they are more willing to employ pilots who have used advanced aircraft.

The trend towards a preference for airlines to hire pilots with advanced aircraft training is becoming increasingly evident in the market.  For example, Emirates Flight Training Academy recently ordered 27 new aircraft that are equipped with EFIS equipment. These aircraft use the same management system as our Diamond DA40s. This action accurately reflects a growing demand for glass cockpit training among those who are interested in making aviation their career. General aviation benefits of glass cockpits include:

  • Glass cockpits give you direct access to important information at all times
  • While using a glass cockpit, you can have access to as much or as little information as you’d like
  • Participating in glass cockpit training can help you become more aware of your internal and external environment
  • Using a glass cockpit allows you to manage multiple systems on a single interface

Additionally, if you train in a glass cockpit from the early stages, making the transition to IFR (instrument flight) instruction is often much simpler.

If you would like to know more about glass cockpit training and why it should be an essential component of your training, please contact us at Genesis Flight College today. We are eager to open up your eyes to the thrill of flying with our selection of flight training options.