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Why You Should Make Aircraft Maintenance an Ongoing Priority Purchasing an aircraft is an exciting investment! Owning your own aircraft gives you the freedom and ability to fly when your schedule allows, eliminating the obstacle of renting a plane. Next to the purchase of your aircraft, ongoing aircraft maintenance will be the biggest expense you face. The Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) you rely on will also affect the value, reliability, and enjoyment you receive from flying your aircraft.

Even though you may not necessarily need to maintain your aircraft according to commercial standards, knowing your AMO and how it aligns with Transport Canada’s commercial standard is important. By doing so, you can ensure your aircraft is maintained according to the highest standards for routine work, which include annual inspections, engine replacement, and oil changes.

If you need guidance, assistance, and oversight with aircraft maintenance, we can help. We are committed to maintaining our fleet of Diamond aircraft with G1000s and Lycoming, Continental Diesel, and Austro engines to the highest standards. For this reason, we have the tools, knowledge, and personnel required to complete repairs and inspections on a timely basis, enhancing any regular aircraft maintenance routine.

We are centrally located in Southern Ontario at the Collingwood Airport (CNY3). We maintain our 5,000’ runway around the year with RNAV approaches and can help you with all your aircraft maintenance requirements. For more information about our facilities and solutions for ongoing aircraft maintenance, contact us today.