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Top Reasons to Enroll in Genesis Flight College

You want to make flying your career, and now you need to pick a flight school to earn your credentials and receive proper training. Where do you go and how do you choose? Here are a few key reasons why Genesis Flight College is your best option:

  • Highly qualified instructors—Our flight instructors boast years of experience in the industry. They are also dedicated to every student they work with to provide the best training experience possible.
  • Advanced aircraft—We prepare our students to enter commercial flying jobs almost immediately after earning their licence, thanks to our selection of advanced aircraft for training purposes. Few other flight colleges in our surrounding area offer this unique advantage.
  • Varied suite of services—In addition to our renowned commercial flight training program, our flight college offers multi-engine rating, instrument rating, and private pilot training.
  • Individualized instruction—We maintain our commitment to provide our students with as much one-on-one training as possible. We also keep our class sizes small to encourage focused instruction.
  • Competitive edge—By providing access to advanced equipment used in today’s aircraft, we give our students a competitive edge that helps them secure beneficial careers after graduation.
  • Glass training—We have embraced glass training, and our entire fleet features some of the most advanced electronic flight information systems. Starting on the first flight, students gain exposure to the glass cockpit and explore additional functions during each training module.
  • Collaborative environment—We value every student’s opinion and provide collaborative training sessions that help our students share what they know for the benefit of others.
  • Lasting relationships– We pride ourselves on our training-oriented, yet social environment. Many of our students form lasting relationships with other students that last well into their careers.