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Learn to FlyLearning to fly can be exhilarating. However, being safe is always the top priority.  Even though flying a plane can be exciting, following a few simple rules will keep you safe as you continue along your journey to become a pilot.

  • Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. If you’re an avid aviator or even just a novice one, you’ve probably heard this phrase thrown around a few times. As you learn to fly and as you become more experienced, you should always remember to fly the airplane first, navigate where you’re going, and then, once everything is under control, communicate.
  • Remember that Takeoff is Optional. When you’re flying an airplane, taking off is optional. However, landing isn’t. If you aren’t sure that you can land the plane safely and effectively given the conditions for the day, it’s best just to stay on the ground.
  • Don’t Go into the Clouds. When you learn to fly, you’re probably going to be taught everything you need to know about weather and then some. Although some of this information may not be as pertinent to your situation, the main thing you need to remember is to stay out of the clouds. When you fly into clouds, you may become disoriented, experience turbulence, and possibly go through dangerous rain and thunderstorms.
  • Stay Ahead of the Airplane. Always anticipate your next task.  Have your checklist ready before you need it, have your radio tuned to the next frequency before you need to switch, check your position frequently on your map or GPS so you are ready for a decent or course change, and set your heading bug before every turn.  By doing this, you ensure that you’re able to remain aware of your position and ahead of the next task.