2 for 1 Flight Training Posted by Genesis Flight Centre October 20th, 2015

Get back in the pilot’s seat and kick-start your training with this special offer! Purchase one hour of dual training and receive one hour simulator rental at no cost.

2 for 1 Flight Training

Fly our perfectly tuned DA40 in the sim, then go fly the real thing!

A great deal if you are you are just starting out or already licensed. For existing pilots, this is an opportunity to gain some instrument time, become acquainted with a glass cockpit, or keep current with your IFR. All simulator time can be logged towards your rating or license.

Whether you are new to flying or a seasoned professional, our certified simulator with immersive display creates a realistic experience. Flight profile and conditions are customizable for your specific goals.

*Maximum one hour free simulator time per customer. Value of offer is $90+tax for one hour of simulator rental. Dual aircraft rental must be purchased before simulator time is provided. Instructor extra.


Call 1-877-359-3245 to reserve your flight!


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2 for 1 Flight Training

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Elite G1000 Simulator

Elite G1000 Simulator


DA40 Cockpit


Flying the DA40