Exam Centre, Toronto, ON Posted by Genesis Flight College January 26th, 2016

Exam Centre, Toronto, ON

We have many highly qualified pilot examiners who serve the Toronto, ON area, and we maintain a properly accredited exam centre.

Exam CentreAt Genesis Flight Centre, we want to make receiving the training and certification needed to fly independently a seamless, rewarding process. We have many highly qualified pilot examiners at our location that serves the Toronto, Ontario area, and we maintain a properly accredited exam centre. Some of what we offer at our exam centre includes the following:

  • Authorized examinations—We are authorized by Transport Canada and Industry Canada to issue many different types of aviation documents, including Student Pilot Permits, Radio Operator Licences, Recreational Pilot Permits, Commercial Pilot Licences, and more.
  • Written exams—We are an Authorized Examination Invigilator facility for both recreational and private examinations. Please keep in mind that our written exam centre is located in Collingwood, Ontario.
  • On-staff pilot examiners—We work with many well-respected pilot examiners from around the region who are willing to accommodate various scheduling demands.

We encourage you to remember that before you come to our exam centre to meet with one of our pilot examiners, you need to receive proper flight training. For this reason, we provide a multitude of different training options that can meet your specific flight training needs. For example, we can help you receive enough in-flight training to acquire your private pilot licence.

We are confident that you will benefit from receiving proper training and certification at our flight and exam centres. Please contact us at Genesis Flight Centre today to receive more information.


Exam Centre & Pilot Examiners in Collingwood, ON

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