Multi-engine Rating Posted by Genesis Flight Centre April 27th, 2017


The Multi-engine Class Rating is recommended for professional pilots since passenger transport is conducted primarily in multi-engine aircraft. Multi-engine Class Rating is required for qualification for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

For this rating, there is no minimum flight time and no ground school requirement nor written examination. Candidates typically complete the rating in 5-10 hours of sim time plus 5-10 hours of flight time, in addition to ground briefings. You must already possess a Private Pilot Licence or higher, and hold a valid Category I or III medical.

Train in our Piper Seminole based in Collingwood, or prepare locally in any of our simulators and fly the DA42 at our partner location in London ON.

Your instructor will assess your current level provide reading assignments to prepare you for the course. Knowledge of multi-engine theory and practical application of performance charts will be tested during the flight test.

A Multi-Engine Rating allows you to fly non-high-performance multi-engine aeroplanes as endorsed on your licence.

Multi-Engine Training Solutions