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iStock_38551422_SMALL_resized-IFR Training, Toronto, ONIf you are interested in becoming a commercial, recreational, or private pilot, you already realize that IFR training is an important part of building your foundation as a pilot. While undergoing IFR training is critical in and of itself, there are also several good reasons why you should undergo this type of flight training at Genesis Flight College:

1.   IFR training will make you a better pilot—Precision is an incredibly important part of flying on instruments. While there are many different things you will learn as you earn your instrument rating, few are as rewarding as learning to fly with precision and accuracy. After you earn this rating, you will be able to manage specific approach profiles and hold descent rates with accuracy.

2.   If you want to fly commercially, you will need an instrument rating—Today, the commercial aviation industry is more competitive than ever. If you are interested in seeking a career in the aviation industry, you will need to undergo IFR training.

3.   Insurance rates may be cheaper—Lower insurance rates are something many pilots fail to consider when they enroll in IFR training. When you increase your skills as a pilot by undergoing IFR training, the increased training pays off in terms of your premiums.

At Genesis Flight College, we offer one-year diploma programs for those seeking their commercial licence, and part of this certification process includes IFR training. If you would like to know more about what you need to do to earn your instrument rating as a commercial or private pilot, please contact us today.