Commercial Pilot Licence Posted by Genesis Flight College April 17th, 2018


Achieving Commercial Pilot Licence is the ticket to being able to receive compensation as a pilot. This licence opens the doors to a wide variety of personally and financially rewarding flying opportunities. Commercial pilots are able to fly passengers for hire, transport cargo, or pursue a career as a flight instructor, charter pilot, airline pilot and much more. The sky is the limit!


The aviation and aerospace industries offer a wide range of career options and opportunities including jobs in aircraft design, systems engineering, testing, search and rescue, human factors, piloting, air traffic control, jet mechanics, electrical engineering, computer systems, airport management, space exploration, customer service, and much more!

The opportunities available for licenced commercial pilots are extensive. Licenced pilots can explore a variety of career paths including working for one of the many airlines, regional service providers, on-demand aviation service providers (charter flights), and a variety of specialty aviation services such as air ambulance, forest firefighting, agricultural spraying, and surveillance, among others.

Today, commercial pilots are in high demand and this demand is projected to grow during the next 10 years as many current pilots retire and the overall fleet expands with new aircraft. This is opening the door for new pilots to take the helm and explore a challenging career in Canada’s aviation industry.

Genesis Flight College is an approved private career college.


Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
14 years of age for first solo (PPL), 18 for commercial flight test
Valid Category 1 Medical Certificate
60% on the written examination
80 hours ground school
Completed Private Career College Student Contract

Fly single-engine aircraft
Fly internationally
Fly in daylight under Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
Fly VFR at night
No passenger limit–restricted only to size of aircraft endorsed on your licence
VFR Over-the-top
Have the option of expanding privileges with endorsements for float planes, heavier aircraft, instrument flying, multi-engine flying.

200 hours total flight time, including;
35 hours post-private dual instruction time, which shall include: 5 hours night, including a minimum of 2 hours of night cross-country
5 hours cross-country, which may include the cross country experience from (a) above
20 hours of instrument light time in addition to the experience required for PPL. A maximum of 10 hours of the 20 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight-training device.
30 hours post-private solo flight time, which shall include: One solo cross-country flight to a point a minimum of 300 nautical miles in radius from the point of departure and shall include a minimum of 3 landings at points other than that of departure.
5 hours solo flight time by night during which a minimum of 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings were completed.



At Genesis Flight College, we can help residents of Collingwood, Toronto, Barrie, Aurora, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughn, Ontario receive their commercial pilot licence.